Wednesday, November 7, 2012


What? Nope, that's not a misprint. It's NANOWRIMO again!!!

Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month and I look forward to it every November. The goal is to write, write and write some more and hopefully at the end of the month you end up with 30,000 words and a novel or at least the beginning to a novel.

There's something magical about writing, taking the seeds of a story and watching them grow and evolve on the page. Even though writing can be a very lonely, solitary endeavor. And during Nanowrimo, I know I'm not alone, which is why I think I love it so much. Knowing there are other writings in that very moment you are writing, working on their novels, struggling with wording, trembling with excitement as their story unfolds, grabbing at their hair in frustration, all that encourages me to keep going.

So, for this month I will be working late into the night (which isn't that uncommon in reality)but my goal will be to get 40,000 words done on my new novel Tlaloc while also querying agents and editors about Honorable Disgrace, which is 95,000 words. I am so excited about HD and can't wait to find it it's home.

Good luck fellow writers, try not the let the candle burn at both ends too much and enjoy! I plan to! :)

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